AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet for Business

Get Higher Speeds, More Bandwidth to Do Business, Better

Flagstaff Satellite & TV offers internet solutions for all types and sizes of businesses and properties, powered by AT&T.

You’ll get secure, fast and reliable internet with a range of features that enable users to send data, stream video, share files and more with ease. And, our internet solutions are backed by AT&T support.

When you partner with Flagstaff, you not only get help determining the right internet option for your needs, you get support from a team that’s here to listen, troubleshoot, answer your questions, and help you do business, better.

AT&T Dedicated Internet

Dedicated internet means that connection is yours alone, so your data, voice and video stream more quickly because you’re not sharing the internet with other businesses.

  • Seamlessly connects multiple locations and branch offices
  • Symmetrical connection provides equal (fast) upload and download speeds
  • Optimized transmission for all your applications
  • Industry-leading service level agreements – 100% service availability, 99.95% data delivery and low latency across the AT&T network
  • 24/7 monitoring

AT&T Business Fiber

For buildings where fiber has been deployed, AT&T Business Fiber offers high-speed fiber optic internet with unrivaled upload and download speeds. Get dedicated, highly secure internet access that:

  • Scales up easily as your business grows or your needs expand
  • Increases productivity with always-on internet
  • Saves money on maintenance and repair
  • Connects rapidly to cloud applications
  • Is competitively priced

AT&T Wireless WAN

Whether as your company’s primary or backup internet connection, wireless WAN meets many challenges of today’s mobile workforce, branch offices, fleets, retail and POS locations and multi-location companies. It is also a reliable option in areas where wired internet solutions are not viable.

  • Available when and where your users need it
  • Cost effective and quick to install and deploy
  • Streams data, voice and video with low latency
  • Enables secure remote transaction processing
  • Provides an ideal data backup protocol for disaster recovery

  Watch our video to learn more.

AT&T Internet Access

High-speed broadband internet for business that offers flexible features for your small business. AIA supports Wi-Fi networking and its high capacity means multiple employees enjoy simultaneous internet access without slowing down.

  • Easily videoconference with vendors, clients and business partners
  • Quickly upload, download and share large data files
  • Back up data to the cloud from multiple locations
  • Get online quickly to conduct research, post to business social media pages, access web-based applications

AT&T IP Flexible Reach

Need to update your voice communications? Talk to us about AT&T IP Flexible Reach, the internet-based, VoIP communications solution that drives greater bandwidth by converging voice and data traffic through the same pipe. IP Flexible Reach offers:

  • Competitively-priced calling plans for inbound and outbound calling on your data network
  • Expanded reach across the country or around the world
  • Virtual telephone numbers that boost market visibility
  • Centralized call delivery that routes calls from various locations and answers them at your preferred central location

Watch our short video to learn more about WWAN.

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