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Tune in to Flagstaff’s leasing programs.

A lack of sufficient capital can make it hard to upgrade your property’s entertainment solutions and stay competitive. But as guest expectations raise the bar for streaming and on-demand entertainment, your property can’t afford to fall behind. Flagstaff makes it easy, with flexible leasing solutions that roll all the project expenses into one simple monthly payment.

Flagstaff provides leasing solutions for a wide range of commercial, audio/visual and technology equipment, and related project soft costs such as installation. By leasing your equipment, you’ll conserve operating capital, improve cash flow, and get the tax advantages of expensing your lease payments.

Our leasing programs are another way we strive to exceed your expectations and fulfill our commitment to giving Flagstaff’s customers top priority.

  • Lease terms from 24 to 60 months at aggressive rates
  • Our Fair Market Value Lease (“Operating Lease”) allows your company to expense payments over the life of the lease without the covenants typically required with many types of bank financing
  • Own the equipment at the end of the lease with our $1.00 Buy-Out Lease (“Capital Lease”)
  • Lease payments remain fixed for the term of the lease, even if interest rates increase

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