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High-quality TVs from LG for hotels, restaurants, and businesses of all types.

At Flagstaff Satellite & TV, we always want the best for our customers. We understand the importance to you of providing the best possible entertainment for your specific property; it’s why we’ll always source the best equipment for your individual needs. Case in point: we’re a certified partner and distributor for LG Electronics—the best TVs for commercial and hospitality venues.

LG Electronics Commercial and Hospitality TVs

For decades, LG Electronics has been the industry educator, technology creator, and market share leader in digital high-definition TV. Also, as a leader in environmentally-conscious technology, all LG hospitality products are ENERGY STAR 6.0-compliant and incorporate technologies that reduce power consumption and energy costs.

Flagstaff Satellite & TV sells the following LG TV products:

RCA Commercial and Hospitality TVs

For many smaller properties, economy hotels, and small businesses, we find RCA commercial and hospitality TVs are a great value.

Commercial TV Installation Services

We make sure your installation is done right from the start. Our experienced, certified TV installation technicians ensure that all components are properly assembled, secured, and configured so that your entertainment solutions function correctly.

Television Mounts

We sell quality Peerless-AV display mounts to accommodate various room layouts and needs.

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